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Impact Productions is your one-stop internet service station:

Utilize the tools and skills you'll need to simplify your life or do business on the internet.

Web Design
Make your site attractive and useful to your customers or target audience.

Site Hosting
Data storage, tiered bandwidth packages, personalized emails, domains, whatever your needs are.

Many different avenues to get traffic to your site.

Databases, credit card services, security, email listings, shopping carts, and more.


Impact Productions trained techs for every aspect of computer service:

Providing the optimal environment for your personal or business computer configuration.

Installation and training on mainboard systems, hard-drive or RAM, outboard hardware add-ons etc.

Installation and training on the newest business, imaging and web software.

Installation and training on new or improved hardware or software to fit your needs

Viruses, spyware, hardware conflicts, software glitches, trouble-shooting.

Maintenance & Repair
Hard-drive cleanup, computer maintenance, hardware repair, software fixes.

Everything computer, from operating systems to databases to programs.

Let Us Work For You!

Impact Productions serves the world for Web site Design, Hosting, and Advertising.

Currently serving the Ormond Beach, Palm Coast and Daytona Beach Areas for Computer repairs, Computer upgrade and Hardware Consulation.

We do all repairs and upgrades in house.

Just phone 386-256-3512 for more information.

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Web Impact

Other services:
Computer Design & Upgrading.
Computer Repair & Virus Removal.
Computer Networking.
Film and Video Production.
CD & DVD Reproduction.
Digital Photo Services.
Custom Printing & Design.
Internet Research.
All forms of Computer Consulation.

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Impact Productions
1454 Ocean Shore Blvd.
Ormond By The Sea, FL 32176
United States
James L. Miles
Design & Consultation
Everything InterNet
Video & Audio Productions

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